Wood species

The selected woods for the trendy Deck Floor modules are of exceptional durability, stability and density and each of the essences has its own character such as Ipe, Tali, Padouk…

The Choice of wood depends on the desired effect and shade.

Ipe : The exotic wood species with a harmonious décor. Ipe comes from the tropical forests of South America. Ipe wood is an essence with a fairly dense grain and almost invisible veining.
The wood has little color variation; its brown color remains harmonious.

Padouk: The exotic wood species with ruby reflections.
Padouk is an exotic wood that comes from the tropical forests of Africa. This red colored wood has some shades ranging from a light reddish brown to a purplish brown.
A Padouk Terrace brings a touch of originality to your exterior.

Tali: The exotic wood species with a pronounced weave.
Tali is a tropical species originating from sub-Saharan Africa. It has an orange-yellow to reddish-brown color that can darken when exposed to the sun. The Tali has a particularly beautiful and uniform patina.

Essences de Bois