Trendy Deck Floor is an ingenious concept of ready-to-install decking modules with invisible clips.

The ready-to-install Trendy Deck Floor module is manufactured at the factory, it consists of several decking boards which are fixed from below with screws to joists perpendicular to them.

The joists are machined so that they can receive invisible clips, and they are covered, underneath, with a layer of rubber which protects them against humidity and reduces reflection noise

On site, the modules will be placed in rows one after the other and positioned using butting (male/female) at the end of the decking boards..

The clip, by its shape, makes it possible to distance the modules of the 1st row from those of the following row to thus have the same joint (leakage / space) as that between the blades of the same module.

The clips receive screws to fix them to the ground, when tightening the screws, the clips exert pressure on the modules, slightly compress the rubber and block the modules against the ground.